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Reach the friends of your customers
Sellify makes recommendations as easy as the click on a button. Convert your customers into ambassadors directly after check-out. Use the build-in retargeting features to convert the friends of your customers. Our products are build for maximising conversion and optimal social exposure of your brand. Start building a community of ambassadors that share the love of your brand.
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Get a recommendation directly after every purchase in your webshop. Let your customers send messages to their friends all over the world. Set-up your reward and manage your ambassadors with only a single integration.
Landing pages
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Convert your email subscribers, YouTube and Instagram followers easily into ambassadors recommending your brand with Landingpages powered by Sellify.

Reach the right prospects

Sellify let you engage and reward your biggest fans, they will spread the word and you will grow your company

Fully automated

World’s first word of mouth advertising platform for social media. Fully automated.

Hyper targeting

Sellify targets the friends of your customers and fans, without the need of sponsored ads.

Channels we offer
Let your customers and fans share your brand on the social media channels they love. Sellify supports all channels, whether it is a branded text message, a WhatsApp or a Tweet, you are in full control.


Social shares

10% of your customers are willing to share your brand with their friends.


Repeat purchases

60% of your customer who are rewarded will do a new purchase.


New customers

Referrals will help you gain new customers, the revenue will increase with 5%.

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Simple, Beautiful and Effective

Set-up your reward emails and reminders with the click on a button. Match your brand identity by uploading your logo and a background. Schedule your emails to make them more effective.

Reach the friends of your customers

Get it right with Sellify. With Sellify we enable you to re-target the friends of your customers on Instagram and Facebook. Run multiple ads on real look-a-like audiences of your customers. GDPR? We got you covered, our software is designed with all regulations in mind. So we only let you target the people who accepted the right settings.

Build a community of ambassadors

Our software is developed to engage with your ambassadors. Learn and measure which customers help you grow your company. Engage with your successful ambassadors with special offers. Increase your customer lifetime value and grow your brand.

Sellify flawlessly integrates with

How it works

Increase your revenue

It is 4 times more likely someone will make a purchase when it is recommended by a friend. 70 procent of all people will make their final buying decision on social media.

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  1. Design your widget

    Design the perfect widget, invitation and landing page to activate & recruit the perfect ambassador.

  2. Activate your customers

    Let your customers refer your brand to their friends via social-media.

  3. Reward and engage

    Get to know your top ambassadors and give them custom rewards for spreading the word. Everything in your own brand style.

Grow your brand with powerful referrals